Dr. Louis Valentine

Comprehensive Neck and Back Pain Relief — in Cincinnati

As a a leader in chiropractic treatment and research for over 20 years, Dr. Valentine possesses a wealth of scientific knowledge and treatment options for a host of alignment and mobility issues. He offers readjustment services and several continued therapy treatments designed to alleviate pain, improve alignment, and increase mobility. Whether you suffer from a persistent back issue, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, or any other condition, Dr. Valentine will help you get your body back in working order. Call today!

Professional Chiropractic Readjustment Services With No Long Term Care Plans

If you are suffering from aches, pains, alignment issues, or other structural ailments anywhere on your body, Dr. Valentine offers professional chiropractic readjustment services at affordable rates. With over 20 years of chiropractic experience in both treatment and research, Dr. Valentine possesses a deep, scientific understanding of how the body works, and can provide the best possible treatment for your specific condition. 

Dr. Valentine is always accepting new patients. He also does not have long term care plans for his patients. Call to schedule an appointment today!

Pain Relief for All Conditions

As a leader in both chiropractic treatment and research, Dr. Valentine possesses a wealth of knowledge and treatment options designed to relieve pressure, alleviate pain, and increase mobility across a host of conditions. Know matter what your pain or alignment issue might be, Dr. Valentine will help you on your road to happier, healthier you. New patients are always welcome.

If you are located in any of these areas below, consider Dr. Valentine for your chiropractic needs:


  • 45245 – Withamsville, Hill Craft Acres, Mount Carmel, Glen Ridge Acres
  • 45255 – Coldstream
  • 45244 – Newtown, Avoca Park, Ancor, Mount Carmel, Dry Run, Summerside
  • 45230 – Cincinnati
  • 45174 – Terrace Park, Milford
  • 45102 – Amelia, Wiltsee, Hamlet
  • 45226 – Cincinnati
  • 45227 – Cincinnati, Mariemont, Madeira, Fairfax, Silverton, Plainvilleio
  • 45150 – Milford, Day Heights, Mount Repose, Mulberry
  • 45243 – Cincinnati
  • 45103 – Batavia, Willowville, Afton, Clermont County, Ashdale, Williams Corners, Stonelickio
  • 45208 – Cincinnati, Norwood
  • 45209 – Cincinnati, Norwood
  • 45111 – Camp Dennison


  • 41059 – Melbourne
  • 41085 – Silver Grove
  • 41075 – Fort Thomas
  • 41076 – Cold Spring
  • 41074 – Dayton
  • 41099 – Highland Heights

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